Hello, I am Baroness Siubhan inghean Fhearghuis in the Shire of Flintheath in Insulae Draconis. I currently have a 3 month old daughter who takes much of my time so I won't be starting anything ambitious for this challenge. I will however, try to finish the project I was working on for the first challenge.
I have a long way to go on it, but I do hope I can finish it within the time frame of this challenge.

...new pearls ordered :)

...maybe some of you remember that I ran out of the 3,0 - 3,5 mm white pearls at the back of the neck embroidery - while working at the new embroidery I got more and more upset with the big and irregular pearls at the back - therefore I ordered some new pearls :)

...old pictures (june 2008):

I am very looking forward to replace them because I think, after all this time and work it took me to get such a nice looking embroidery (and to make this dress), the big and irregular pearls just don't look right... I am sure it's worth the effort :)

...and btw. there is some new progress:

The Thing I have in mind....

... looks like this:
this fellow has been liberated from the stone by Tilman Riemenschneider in early 15hundred. The sculpture seems to be in the possession of the Cleveland Museum of Art. here is a detail of the *hood* and sleeves.and another of the hem

I also found a similar design in a painting of the 15th century philosopher Nikolaus von Kues that is dated between 1463 and 1480


Silk thread source

Just wanted to let you all know, if you are interested in using naturally dyed silk thread for your project, this is the place to go:

I've been forcing people to get her threads for me at Pennsic for about 10 years now, and just found out that they deliver internationally! Everything I don't dye myself, I get from here. The shipping is very cheap...I paid $5 (about 3 euro) for 10 skeins, and it got here inside of a week, all the way from the States.