Officially done!

Well I've finished the second cloak, pictures of the two together to come later! I can't believe the feeling of relief of having them both completed. My resolution for the year was to not start any new projects until at least one in process item was done. So now I can start thinking about a second Keep you Warm II project and get it in the queue. I need to get through a few more queued items before I can start another project for this challenge, but I can at least consider inspirations!

I'm looking forward to seeing other completed challenge items!



One finished Cloak!

I'm so excited, I have one completely finished ID Cloak! I've got the other one completely appliqued and pinned. Tomorrow, I'll just zig zag the linen bottom edge. Then sew the lining to the wool finally hand finish the edges and voila I'm totally done!
I'll be presenting them to TE Clancy and Ursula this weekend at Viceroy Tourney. I'll do my best to get a picture of them both together. I'm really excited to be finally finished with both cloaks!