My projects

Yes I mean projects plural. I will be finishing my previous challenge item, the ID wool cloaks. I have also asked Lady Trinite to teach Flintheathshire to make gloves. I have long admired beautifully embroidered gloves.
As I have a Persian persona, I have seen many beautiful manuscripts that show noblewomen wearing extensively embroidered gloves. So I will be creating a second personal challenge to learn how to make gloves and embroider a pair for myself. While I finish my previous project I plan to design the second project.

The ID Cloaks are cut out and I have the applique ready. I was hoping to hand applique them, however the linen that I have will not stand up if I hand applique them, so I will have to do it by machine, which is very disappointing. I will however be creating kumihimo cord and hand stitching that on, probably using undersiechoucing, to apply that cord. I will be learning underside couching from Lady Trinite as well, so that will be my 25% new stitch. I have never attempted laurel wreaths either, so that will be the 25% of the design that is new to me.

I can't wait to start seeing all your wonderful projects!




I am the presumptious newbe joining the challenge. I am thinking of doing a coat/cloak. I have seen a certain model on a sculpture of Tilman Riemenschneider. I will rent the book (if the libarary has it available) and then post a picture. I am contemplating embroidering the inside of the hood. which is not really just a hood. It can be let down (indeed it will most like likely be down most of teh time) and then it covers the shoulders. my biggest Authenticicy (sp?) concern is, I saw these kinds of cloak so far only on male figurines, but I want to make it for me... O.o. Thank you for having me.


Hi all!

Hi all!
I'm definitely planning on taking part in this challenge! I decided to go to double wars this year, and will definitely need something warm :-) I plan on reconstructing a sheepskin-lined silk and linen coat found on the silk road near the black sea, dating from the 6th-9th century. I'll post pictures of the original sometime this week. I'm looking for a cheap source for sheepskins (preferably near or in Germany). Anyone know one?
Also, anyone doing silk embroidery...i found a hand cream used by silk industry workers that is supposed to keep the silk from catching on the rough parts of your hands. i've ordered some, and if it works, i'll let you all know :-)


Racaire's intro and projects :)

I am living in the shire Ad Flumen Caerulum - in Austria, Vienna - I think it's a beautiful town but the next shires are rather far away. I started with illumination and heavy fighting recently and I enjoy both very much. I am an embroidery geek and I am keen on researching embroidery techniques but my week point is the documentation besides the techniques - till now I did some research for Refilsaum and for Klosterstich - please feel free to download and use my handouts and to contact me if you have any questions.
...btw. I am also the guild head of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild :)

I start this challenge with following projects:
1) to finish the neck embroidery for my 12th century dress with the gathered body part asap

2) and to finish the Laurel cloak for my good friend Mistress Anya

...the progress till now: