My projects

Yes I mean projects plural. I will be finishing my previous challenge item, the ID wool cloaks. I have also asked Lady Trinite to teach Flintheathshire to make gloves. I have long admired beautifully embroidered gloves.
As I have a Persian persona, I have seen many beautiful manuscripts that show noblewomen wearing extensively embroidered gloves. So I will be creating a second personal challenge to learn how to make gloves and embroider a pair for myself. While I finish my previous project I plan to design the second project.

The ID Cloaks are cut out and I have the applique ready. I was hoping to hand applique them, however the linen that I have will not stand up if I hand applique them, so I will have to do it by machine, which is very disappointing. I will however be creating kumihimo cord and hand stitching that on, probably using undersiechoucing, to apply that cord. I will be learning underside couching from Lady Trinite as well, so that will be my 25% new stitch. I have never attempted laurel wreaths either, so that will be the 25% of the design that is new to me.

I can't wait to start seeing all your wonderful projects!


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